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Olympics 2024


Sports and Summer: A Win-win for the Paris Travel Industry?

Updated: April 17

The Paris Olympics coincides with the high-demand summer travel season in Paris. Travelers are looking forward to spending long vacations in the city of light, combining sports with art, culture, gastronomy and nature.

Increase in Share of Longer Trips


Source: www.woah.travel

The share of hotel bookings for trips of LOS of more than 7 days has increased from 62% to 71% compared to the same period last year. 51% of the bookings in Paris are for stays longer than 10 days, while 20% of the trips are of the length of 7-10 days.


Who is Excited About the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Updated: March 30

With just a few months remaining until the opening ceremony, the 2024 Paris Olympics continues to capture the imagination of people across the globe, promising to be a celebration of athleticism, unity and international camaraderie. As preparations intensify, all eyes are on Paris as it prepares to welcome athletes and spectators from around the world for an unforgettable experience.

As anticipation mounts for the 2024 Olympics, search data reveals a robust global interest, with the United States emerging as the frontrunner in searches related to the event. According to recent statistics, the U.S. accounts for 58% of the top origins of searches for the Paris Olympics, underscoring the widespread enthusiasm among American audiences.

Top Origins Based on Hotel Searches % Share of Searches
USA 58%
India 9%
UK 7%
Australia 6%
Hong Kong 5%
Italy 4%
Canada 3%
Germany 3%
Japan 3%
Others 2%
Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

India follows as the second-highest contributor to online searches, comprising 9% of the total, reflecting a notable interest from the Indian subcontinent. The United Kingdom and Australia trail closely behind, representing 7% and 6% of the search origins, respectively, demonstrating a keen interest from Commonwealth nations.

Furthermore, data from “World on Holiday” indicates substantial interest from regions beyond traditional sporting powerhouses, with Hong Kong, Italy, Canada, Germany and Japan each contributing between 3% to 5% of the total search volume. These figures highlight the global appeal of the Paris Olympics, attracting attention from diverse corners of the world.

On average, individuals are searching for flights and hotels approximately 10 days before booking their tickets or make other arrangements. This suggests a prolonged period of anticipation and planning among prospective attendees, underscoring the event’s significance on the global stage.


Sports Enthusiasts Flying from London, Amsterdam and Brussels for the Olympics

Updated: March 27

Sports enthusiasts from across the globe are gearing up for the highly-anticipated 2024 Olympics in Paris. Data reveals that travelers from London, Amsterdam and Brussels are leading the pack, with a significant influx of visitors expected to fly in for the event. Other important origin cities include Zurich, Dublin, São Paulo, New York, San Francisco and Luxembourg.

Top Origins for the Paris Olympics 2024
São Paulo
New York
San Francisco
Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

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