World on Holiday is a comprehensive travel insights center aimed at providing users with a clear understanding of traveler intent. It provides data and insights based on bookings and searches made by travelers from across the globe for specific events and locations.
World on Holiday gathers travel insights from hundreds of first-party data sources, ensuring that the information is based on actual consumer activity.
World on Holiday utilizes a wide range of data sources, including booking platforms, travel agencies, and tourism boards, to gather relevant insights. Its data partners include the top 25 of 30 largest global hotel chains…
You can trust the insights provided by World on Holiday because they are derived from verified first-party data sources, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
Anyone who needs a quick way to understand key macro-trends in travel, whether they are travelers themselves, travel industry professionals, or researchers, can benefit from using World on Holiday. They may also ask for specific solutions to their problems such as… that we may help solve.
World on Holiday provides regular updates on traveler trends, ensuring that users have access to the latest information about major events. The subscribers are also updated about new releases through a monthly newsletter.
Yes, you can subscribe to World on Holiday to receive regular updates on who, why, and how the world is traveling.
The insights provided by World on Holiday cover a wide range of regions and are relevant globally, allowing users to gain valuable insights into travel trends worldwide.
You can use the insights from World on Holiday to inform your travel decisions by understanding current traveler interests and behaviors in specific regions or globally.

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Keep track of the 'biggest drivers' of travel such as sports, music festivals and natural phenomena in popular destinations around the world.