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Soccer player performs an action play on a professional stadium. All players wear unbranded clothes. The stadium is made in 3D.

Cincinnati is the Top Origin for the Copa America Grand Opening in Atlanta

Updated: March 27

As the Copa America soccer tournament prepares for its grand opening on June 20, Atlanta is experiencing a surge in domestic arrivals. Data reveals a remarkable 30% year-over-year growth in travelers flocking to the city to see the event’s excitement firsthand. 

Top 5 Origins
Cincinnati, OH
Smyrna, GA
Grand Forks, ND
Denver, CO
Centennial, CO
Source: Adara, A RateGain Company

Among the top origin cities for attendees, Cincinnati, OH emerges as the leader, followed closely by Smyrna, GA, Grand Forks, ND, Denver, CO, and Centennial, CO. With fans traveling from far and wide to support their teams, Atlanta is set to become a hub of soccer fervor and camaraderie. 

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