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Hotel Prices Skyrocket During for Bad Bunny Tour Across Major U.S. Cities

Updated: March 30
Data from “World on Holiday” has shown a remarkable surge in tourist spending coinciding with Bad Bunny’s Most Wanted Tour in several prominent U.S. destinations. Our study compared the usual Average Daily Rates (ADR) for tourist spending against the ADR observed during Bad Bunny’s performances.

Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

Nashville is experiencing a 161% increase in ADR during the concert period, followed closely by Charlotte and Atlanta, with percentage spikes of 59% and 76%, respectively.

New Orleans and Dallas are witnessing a substantial increase of 55% and 29% in ADRs during the concert events, respectively. The findings underscore the significant economic impact of the Puerto Rican superstar’s popularity, akin to the Eras tour, driving up hotel rates, travel expenditures, and invigorating local economies nationwide.

As concert tourism continues to flourish, cities increasingly leverage such cultural attractions to stimulate growth and foster vibrant visitor experiences.

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