Total Solar Eclipse: Hotel Bookings in the U.S. Surge 3X Year-over-Year

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Total Solar Eclipse: Hotel Bookings in the U.S. Surge 3X Year-over-Year

As the eagerly anticipated total solar eclipse approaches, a phenomenon that captivates astronomers and enthusiasts alike, another remarkable trend is emerging along its path of totality in the U.S. Not only are eyes turning skyward to witness this rare celestial event, but hotel prices in the regions in the path of totality are also experiencing a surge. This surge reflects the intense demand from travelers seeking prime viewing locations, where the eclipse will be at its most spectacular.

Based on data from the World on Holiday travel insights hub, in the booking window from March 2022 to February 2023, 11,678 bookings were registered for check-in between April 5-8, 2023. However, for the same window one year later, bookings increased by 3X, with 33,500 scheduled bookings for check-in between April 5-8, 2024.

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Substantial Growth in Hotel Bookings from January Onwards

Hotel bookings for the total solar eclipse show consistently higher year-over-year (YoY) figures compared to 2023 bookings. As the dates of the eclipse draw closer, there is a surge in bookings in areas along the path of the total solar eclipse.

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Top Destination: Indianapolis

Locales surrounding the cities of Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Burlington and Montpelier are experiencing the highest spike in bookings.

Some of the most popular spots where travelers have booked hotels include Indianapolis, IN; Presque Isle, PA; Conway, AR; Marion County, OH; Beloit, WI; Lafayette, IN; West Des Moines, IA; Raleigh, NC; Waco, TX; Palm Springs, CA; Minneapolis, MN; and Phoenix, AZ.

The upcoming total solar eclipse presents an opportunity for destinations and travel-related businesses along the eclipse’s path of totality, with increased demand for accommodations and experiences. Discover more insights on this topic and much more with World on Holiday.

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