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Usher’s Past Present Future 2024 Tour

Updated: 24th June

Usher's Past Present Future 2024 Tour Ignites Record-Breaking Travel Boom

As Usher’s “Past Present Future Tour” revs up across North America, travel and hospitality trends are already feeling the rhythm of change. Kicking off in Atlanta on August 14, 2024, the tour is set to draw massive crowds, as fans flock from cities like Dallas, Capitol Hill and San Jose, CA. Hospitality sectors are witnessing significant surges—Dallas and Baltimore have seen a 400% and 100% jump in bookings, respectively, within a year. Interestingly, we can observe a striking 151% increase in bookings for staycations within Atlanta over the past year.


Y-o-Y Increase in Hotel Bookings

Dallas, Texas


Capitol Hill, Washington DC


San Jose, California


Kennesaw, Georgia


Atlanta (Staycations)



Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

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