What’s Happening in Antwerp?

Updated: April 16

Anticipation is building as the dates for Tomorrowland, the renowned electronic dance music festival, draw near. Set to take place in Antwerp, Belgium, from July 19 to July 28, 2024, the event has already sparked a surge in hotel bookings, doubling week-over-week as the excitement mounts. Data from World on Holiday reveals that Solo travel to Antwerp is 11% higher y-o-y and Luxury hotel bookings have risen 167% y-oy.

Source Markets with the Highest Year-over-Year Upsurge

Origin Country

Y-o-Y Growth in Hotel Bookings







Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

Switzerland leads the pack with an astounding 900% year-over-year growth in hotel bookings, followed closely by Australia with a 500% increase, and the Netherlands with a 410% rise. These figures underscore the international allure of Tomorrowland, drawing music enthusiasts from far and wide.

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