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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour


Spiking ADRs, Surging Bookings and Short Stays: How Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is Affecting London

Updated: 8th May

In the heart of London, excitement has reached a fever pitch as Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated Eras Tour is set to sweep through the city in June and August 2024. The impact is not only felt in the buzzing concert venues, but also the city’s hospitality industry.

Hotel bookings in London are experiencing a remarkable surge for the weeks of Taylor Swift’s performances. In the fourth week of June, as Swift takes the stage, hotel bookings see a staggering 40% spike compared to the previous weeks. A similar trend is observed in the third week of August, with hotel bookings rising by an impressive 67%.

The high demand for hotels has led to a substantial increase in average daily rates (ADRs). During the June leg of Taylor Swift’s tour, ADRs soar from the usual $354 to $704, reflecting the heightened demand for hotel rooms amidst limited supply. Similarly, ADRs have already risen to $657 during the August leg and will soar further as the event dates come closer.


Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

Furthermore, there is a noticeable shift in booking patterns, with a 20% increase in the share of hotel bookings made within 1-2 days of the event compared to the previous year. This trend highlights the spontaneity and excitement surrounding Taylor Swift’s performances, as “Swif”rush to secure accommodations at the last minute and travel to the city to watch their favorite artist perform.


Source: Adara, A RateGain Company

However, as quickly as the demand surges, it returns to normal levels once the Taylor Swift’s performances conclude. Despite the temporary nature of the spike, it’s clear that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has a significant and immediate impact on London’s hotel industry, showcasing the unparalleled influence of one of the world’s biggest pop stars.


Lyon Sees a 7X Surge in Hotel Bookings as Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Comes to Town

Updated: 28th March

The anticipation for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is reaching a fever pitch as hotel bookings from the United Kingdom have surged sevenfold for the artist’s upcoming concerts in Lyon June 9-10, 2024. This remarkable spike in demand underscores the global appeal of the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter.

According to recent data, not only have bookings from the UK skyrocketed, but there has also been a staggering 200% increase in demand from Belgium and a noteworthy 152% surge from the United States. These statistics highlight the widespread enthusiasm among fans from various corners of the world to see Swift’s captivating performances in Lyon.

Among the top 10 international origins for attendees of the Lyon leg of the Eras tour, the United States and the United Kingdom take the lead, followed closely by Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Russia, India, China and Slovenia. This diverse mix of nationalities underscores the far-reaching nature of Swift’s fan base and the universal appeal of her music.

Top 10 International Origins
Source: Adara, A RateGain Company

With Lyon poised to host Swift’s highly anticipated concerts, the city is bracing itself for an influx of international visitors eager to experience the magic of her live performances. The surge in hotel bookings not only reflects the excitement surrounding the upcoming shows but also underscores Lyon’s status as a vibrant cultural hub, capable of attracting music lovers from around the world.

49% Higher Bookings Y-o-Y from International Origins for Paris Leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Updated: 25th March

Hotel bookings are surging as Paris braces for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, coming to town May 9-12. Recent data reveals a staggering 49% increase in bookings from international origins year-over-year, signaling a resounding global interest in the iconic singer’s performances.

Swift’s magnetic appeal transcends borders, drawing fans from far and wide to the global city of Paris. As the City of Lights prepares to host this momentous event, hotels are bracing for a surge in occupancy, restaurants are primed for a surge in reservations, and local attractions are poised to welcome an influx of visitors eager to immerse themselves in the cultural riches of the French capital. 

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