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Las Vegas Sees a Surge in Demand for Car Rentals for the Memorial Day

Updated: 14th May

Observed annually on the last Monday of May, Memorial Day weekend is often regarded as the unofficial start of summer in the United States. For the Las Vegas travel industry, Memorial Day is a significant event. Las Vegas attracts a large number of tourists during this holiday weekend, as people from all over the country seek out destinations for leisure and entertainment. With its world-class hotels, casinos, entertainment shows, and vibrant nightlife, Las Vegas becomes a top choice for travelers looking to celebrate the long weekend.

As Memorial Day approaches, Las Vegas is experiencing a significant surge in demand for car rentals. The surge in car rental demand for Memorial Day reflects the city’s popularity as a holiday destination, as tourists flock to Las Vegas to enjoy the various attractions and festivities it offers.

Growth in Car Rentals

Data from World on Holiday reveals that the demand for various car categories has seen a remarkable week-over-week growth, with SUVs leading at 36.8%, followed closely by premium cars at 29.7%. Compact/ Economy cars have also seen a substantial increase of 27.2%, while vans are up by 26.5%. This surge in demand reflects the anticipation of travelers flocking to Las Vegas for the long weekend, highlighting the city’s popularity as a Memorial Day destination.

Car CategoryW-o-W % Growth
Compact/ Economy27.2%

Source: RevAI by RateGain

While the demand for Vans may be the least among all car categories, the ADRs of oversized vans have surged the most, jumping from USD 295 to USD 748. Special crossovers are the most expensive rentals over the long weekend with ADRs of 949.

Top Origins for Las Vegas
Top OriginsY-o-Y % Growth
Los Angeles135%
New York30%
Salt Lake City30%
San Jose119%

Source: Adara, a RateGain Company

The latest data on the top origins for travelers to Las Vegas reveals significant year-over-year growth from several key cities. Los Angeles leads the pack with a remarkable 135% increase, followed closely by Chicago with a staggering 175% surge. Other notable increases include Sunnyvale with a remarkable 155% rise, Seattle with a substantial 186% growth, and San Jose with a notable 119% increase. Additionally, New York, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Austin have all shown healthy growth, with increases ranging from 30% to 63%.

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